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The Stein legacy

Albert Louis Stein, the lawyer representing Mr. Roncarelli versus Premier Duplessis.

The Rule of Law

As the son of the legendary Maitre Albert Louis Stein, (1908-2001), Maitre Alan Stein didn't need to look far for inspiration. 

Maitre Albert Louis Stein's victorious 1959 Supreme Court case of  Roncarelli vs. Duplessis is familiar to every Canadian law student as a pillar of Canadian jurisprudence regarding the rule of law. 

The seminal case was above all about human rights. 

Commentators of the day eagerly positioned it within the Supreme Court's "implied bill of rights" jurisprudence then taking place, according to law professor Eric M. Adams, "part of the reason... can be traced to the manner in which... Albert Louis Stein argued the case, and the language  of rights employed by Justice Ivan Rand's iconic judgment". 

This was a turning point for what's been coined "constitutional culture" in Canada, calling for greater recognition of the pre-Charter Supreme Court's contribution to Canada's intellectual history of rights.

(Adams, Eric. M. "Building a Law of Human Rights: Roncarelli v. Duplessis in Canadian Constitutional Culture" McGill Law Journal. Volume 55. Sept 2010.)

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Me. Stein

Me. Alan M. Stein, Attorney


Me. Alan Stein has extensive experience advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable to the most affluent. He holds his civil and common law degrees from McGill University, where he also taught civil procedure. Me. Stein has pleaded successfully in front of the Supreme Court and is a former Batonier of the Montreal Bar Association. 

Time Tested Experience

Meet Maître Alan Stein:


Maître Stein's main practice areas include aspects of civil and commercial litigation, including family and administrative law. Having pleaded before courts at all levels (from Administrative tribunals to the Supreme Court), his resilient advocacy for rights has earned him a reputation in litigation excellence.

But an active courtroom career did not preclude him from his generous involvement in the legal community and beyond. 

For a number of years, Maître Stein taught civil procedure at the McGill Faculty of Law.  His participation in legal education advancement did not stop there. He has served on the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University as well as presided over the Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University (Quebec Division); acted as Chairman of the Youth Division of Combined Jewish Appeal and United Israel Appeal.

In the legal professional community, he is well known for his time spent as Bâtonnier of the Montreal Bar Association where he established an Ad Hoc Committee on Costs. He also served as Councillor on the Montreal Bar Council and represented the body on the Quebec Bar Council. Maître Stein’s membership extended to the Liaison Committee with the Superior Court as well as that of the Court of Appeal. His legal acumen also earned him a seat on the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar of Quebec as well as the Ad Hoc Committee for the Integration of Justice in English of the Quebec Bar. After serving a Governor of the Quebec Bar Foundation, he followed suit as a member of its Finance Committee.

Maître Stein is a former President of the Lord Reading Society, having spent subsequent years as one of its Directors and member of the Executive. He also devoted his time to serve as Director of the Maimononides Geriatric Center Foundation. 

It is little wonder that he and his Bar of Montreal team would receive the Merit of the Bar of Montreal award. However, he will tell you himself, the most gratifying awards are those he gets for his clients! 


Practice Areas



Bruker v. Marcovitz, [2007] 3 S.C.R. 607, 2007

"Despite the moribund state of her marriage, Ms. Bruker remained, between the ages of 31 and 46, Mr. Marcovitz’s wife under Jewish law, and dramatically restricted in the options available to her in her personal life.  This represented an unjustified and severe impairment of her ability to live her life in accordance with this country’s values and her Jewish beliefs.  Any infringement of Mr. Marcovitz’s freedom of religion is inconsequential compared to the disproportionate disadvantaging effect on Ms. Bruker’s ability to live her life fully as a Jewish woman in Canada." 

- Justice Abella, Supreme Court of Canada

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Parizeau c. Barreau du Québec, 2011 QCCA 1498

"In a ruling that reaffirmed the authority and competence of the Professions Tribunal, the appeal court noted that it is “normal, and even necessary” for the Professions Tribunal to be able to “correct errors in law” made by the Barreau’s review committee. The Professions Tribunal, added the appeal court, can intervene to “rectify these errors” if they influenced the outcome of the proceedings." 

- Luis Millan, award-winning legal and business journalist

Read the full case (in french only)

Kastner v. Canada (Attorney General), 2004 FC 773

A depatterned person, according to section 2 of the Order, is a "person who received full or substantial depatterning treatment at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal between 1950 and 1965 as a patient of Dr. Ewen Cameron"... depatterning treatment is defined as "prolonged sleep followed by massive electroshock treatments, reducing the patient's mind to a childlike state"... the decision made by Ken Duford was unreasonable in light of the purpose of the Order...COURT ORDERS that Mr. Ken Duford's decision is annulled. The Applicant is entitled to receive the $100,000 ex gratia payment...

- The Honorable Justice Beaudry, Federal Court of Canada

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Huard v. Canada (Attorney General), 2007 FC 195

"Counsel for the applicant argued that the administration of psychic driving treatments to the applicant by Dr. Cameron in January 1962 reasonably suggests that the applicant had previously undergone treatments of prolonged sleep and/or depatterning and/or sensory isolation (in November and December 1961): in that case, the applicant has a reasonable chance of persuading a judge who hears the matter on the merits that the decisions in question are unreasonable and must be set aside by the Court. I agree with this proposition." 

- The Honorable Justice Martineau, Federal Court of Canada

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Pourshafiey c. Toronto-Dominion Bank, 2018 QCCS 3202

TD Bank’s litigation strategy seems to have been inspired by a treatise that advises banks not to explain their reasons for closing accounts because that gives clients less to attack in court.  This effectively dares the plaintiffs to sue a sophisticated and rich bank or to forego an explanation of why their life and business were turned upside down... This sequence of events suggests that not only did TD Bank prevent its client and branch manager from understanding its reasons for terminating its banking relationship with Mr. Pourshafiey but it also kept its litigation counsel in the dark...

- The Honorable Justice Moore, Superior Court of Quebec

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Other Notable Case Law:

Parizeau c. Barreau du Québec, 2011 QCCA 1498 (CanLII) — 2011-08-18

Court of Appeal — Quebec

professions — réinscription — requêtes — norme — administratif 

cited by 533 documents CanLII Connects

Lamborghini (Canada) inc. c. Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A., 1996 CanLII 6047 (QC CA) — 1996-12-04

Court of Appeal — Quebec

forum non conveniens — compétence — clause d élection — québécois — entrée en vigueur 

cited by 58 documents

Bruker v. Marcovitz, [2007] 3 SCR 607, 2007 SCC 54 (CanLII) — 2007-12-14

Supreme Court of Canada — Canada (Federal)

religious — rabbinical — freedom of religion — contract — divorce 

cited by 52 documents CanLII Connects

Baker c. Weston school inc., 1993 CanLII 3672 (QC CA) — 1993-03-09

Court of Appeal — Quebec

salarié — commissaire du travail — non-renouvellement du contrat — employeur — congédiement 

cited by 30 documents

Begama Ltd.c. Banque Fédérale de Développement, 1989 CanLII 5167 (QC CA) — 1989-09-01

Court of Appeal — Quebec

dation en paiement — rétractation — tierces-opposantes — fiducie — hypothèque

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Marcovitz c. Bruker, 2005 QCCA 835 (CanLII) — 2005-09-20

Court of Appeal — Quebec

ghet — religious — secular — rabbinical — publication ban

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Professions Tribunal — Quebec

syndic — sanction — disciplinaire — radiation temporaire — plainte

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succession — salaires — actions — administrateurs — premier

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doctrine of issue estoppel — motion to vary — mandate — rendered — complaint

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saisies-arrêts après — susceptible d exécution — pratiquées — dépenses identifiées par leur nature — saisie-arrêt après

cited by 6 documents

Kastner v. Canada (Attorney General), 2004 FC 773 (CanLII) — 2004-06-04

Federal Court — Canada (Federal)

depatterning treatment — ex gratia payment — electroshock treatments — childlike state — massive

9172-9186 Québec inc. c. 9136-5486 Québec inc., 2014 QCCA 144 (CanLII) — 2014-01-21

Court of Appeal — Quebec

profits — perte — investissement — indemnité additionnelle — intérêts au taux légal

cited by 2 documents

Barreau du Québec c. Tribunal des professions, 2012 QCCS 6396 (CanLII) — 2012-12-20

Superior Court — Quebec

accorder un honoraire spécial — professions — révision judiciaire — réinscription — requêtes

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traitements — docteur — expérimental — hôpital — valeur probante

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Droit de la famille - 061098, 2006 QCCS 7723 (CanLII) — 2006-06-29

Superior Court — Quebec

filles — résidence familiale — garde — pension alimentaire — frais

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Bois de l'Estérel ltée c. Devmont inc., 2007 QCCS 1312 (CanLII) — 2007-03-29

Superior Court — Quebec

appartement — plan d aménagement — contrat — plan mécanique — résiliation

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Transamerica Life Insurance Company of Canada c. Laporte, 2002 CanLII 63753 (QC CA) — 2002-05-14

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docteur — premier — intégral — réticence — conclu

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samples — fabric — bonus — customers — trousers

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rectifies — clean — alimentary — break — inclination

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Court of Appeal — Quebec

salaires — rectification — tirés — partager — bénéfices 

Violante (Faillite), Re, 2005 CanLII 13743 (QC CS) — 2005-04-26

Superior Court — Quebec

proposition — débiteur — respecter les termes — créanciers — assemblée

American Iron & Metal Co. v. Capital Allegiance Inc., 2002 CanLII 45383 (QC CS) — 2002-12-11

Superior Court — Quebec

seizure — goods — transfers — testimonies — basis of the evidence

A.(S.) v. B.(Sy.), 2003 CanLII 17811 (QC CS) — 2003-02-07

Superior Court — Quebec

partition — immoveable — condominium unit — provisional — interest of the family

F.(R.) v. H.(P.), 2002 CanLII 20114 (QC CS) — 2002-06-10

Superior Court — Quebec

contempt — credit card — community service — imprisonment — sanction

Alcar Holdings Inc. c. Naimer, 2000 CanLII 11358 (QC CA) — 2000-10-10

Court of Appeal — Quebec

succession — salaires — actions — administrateurs — tirés

F. (R.) v. H. (P.), 2002 CanLII 27206 (QC CS) — 2002-04-17

Superior Court — Quebec

family patrimony — fees — alimentary — networth — share

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In the news


The MK Ultra Experiments (CBC News · Dec 15, 2017

Dr. Ewen Cameron, a respected psychiatrist and first director of the Allan Memorial Institute, the psychiatric facility at McGill University where the brainwashing experiments took place from 1950 to 1965.

Cameron, who was also co-founder of the World Psychiatric Association, ran experiments called "psychic driving" and "depatterning" that attempted to erase a patient's memories and reprogram them with new thoughts.... Me. Alan Stein  has represented numerous survivors who were once patients at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. 

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Justice for the 'Duplessis Orphans' (CBC News · Feb 17, 2018 )

More than twenty thousand “illegitimate” children – of unmarried, often young, women – were born in Quebec between 1949 and 1956. The province had the highest rate of institutionalization. It was not uncommon for unwed mothers to be shamed into surrendering their children to the church. "Montreal lawyer Alan Stein, who represents Boudreau, said more than 100 survivors are interested in joining the lawsuit if it gets the judge's authorization.

"I feel that this is a case where there has been a very serious miscarriage of justice," Stein said."

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Once disbarred celebrity lawyer Micheline Parizeau free to practice law (Montreal Gazette, October 9, 2014)

“She’s completely vindicated and it is a sad commentary on our system of justice that she had to be dragged all the way up to the Supreme Court by the Bar of Quebec and incur substantial legal costs, many of which she was unable to pay,” said lawyer Alan Stein (He represented Parizeau with Guy Pépin of Bélanger Sauvé LLP — both are former bâtonniers... and Montreal lawyer Julius Grey ...

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